WELCOME TO Rajasthan Association of Ghana

RAGGHANA – Rajasthan Association of Ghana is non-profit organization headquartered in the Ghana. RANA was founded with a mission to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in Ghana.

Our Mission

  • RAGGHANA provides an opportunity to non-Rajasthanis to experience the rich values, heritage and traditions of Rajasthan – One of the Incredible States of India.
  • Build a nexus of diverse communities in Ghana to create a rich cross cultural experience locally and internationally.
  • Unify businesses, groups and individuals to implement carefully chosen philanthropic initiatives that has a direct impact in our local communities and Rajasthan.
  • Develop and execute social programs that brings change in the local communities and in the rural and urban communities of Rajasthan.
  • Creates opportunities for lifelong learning by offering a broad array of programs to assist personal growth.
  • Be the voice of Non-Resident-Rajasthanis to influence good Governance in Rajasthan.